2016 Annual Conference for Nonprofits

The subject of the 2016 Annual Conference for Nonprofits was Creative Collaboration: Practicing the Art of Working Together and it was facilitated by Mark D. Bennett, Decision Resources, Inc.

2016 Annual Conference GroupworkEvery community and region faces the reality of human needs that exceed the public and private sector financial resources available. There is widespread acknowledgement that effective collaboration is an important strategy to strengthen the capacity for joint action, generate new ideas, improve methods, and leverage limited resources for maximum impact. Please join us for a dynamic session that will explore proven strategies for nonprofits, government agencies, and funding agencies in our region to build successful collaborations.

The workshop took place April 8, 2016 at UNM-LA, and about thirty participants discussed areas of future joint efforts. Feedback was collected by LACF and UWNNM and has formed the basis for a community action list.