Volunteer Opportunities

One of the many things that make us proud to live in Los Alamos is the large number of volunteers who offer their skills, time, and energy to help local nonprofits. Below are some ways that you can learn about local volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Los Alamos – Volunteer Los Alamos is a local initiative to match community members interested in helping our community with organizations that share their passion. Please go to www.volunteerlosalamos.org to register and find out more about local opportunities.

LARSO- Los Alamos and Retired Senior Organization  – The LARSO Volunteer Office provides civic and volunteer opportunities for both seniors and others of all ages in Los Alamos.  Our goal is to have healthy, happy seniors and a self-sufficient community that meets the needs of its members.

LANL Volunteering & Giving – Los Alamos National Laboratory employees are encouraged to participate in local volunteer opportunities. Employees may also enroll in payroll deductions to support nonprofit organizations of their choice.  Please contact LANL Community Partnerships Office for more information.

Nonprofit Catalog – Finally, if you have a specific interest, why not just contact your favorite nonprofit? The Los Alamos Community Foundation maintains a database of local nonprofits and you are free to contact them for volunteering needs.