2021 Grants

Jumpstart Grant Program

LACF partnered with Jumpstart and Network for Good to provide local nonprofits with the integrated tools, planning, and one-on-one coaching to build their fundraising capacity, diversify revenue, and sustain and expand their programs, designed to help organizations emerge from the pandemic time period stronger than ever. LACF awarded $22,500 in grant funding, in partnership with Newport News Nuclear BWXT Los Alamos. Each of these nonprofits received $3,750 in funding, which covered two-thirds of the cost of participation in the year-long Jumpstart program. Grantees covered the remaining one-third of the program cost.

Embudo Valley Library
Family Strengths Network
Los Alamos Family Council
Los Alamos Historical Society
Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB)
Santa Fe Dreamers Project

Competitive Selection Grants

LACF Board of Directors awarded $27,000 in grants to seven nonprofits in Los Alamos County to improve the financial health of the organizations. Grantees are:

First Born Program of Los Alamos: ($1,375)

"The First Born Program of Los Alamos greatly appreciates this support and vote of confidence. This grant will help fund pre-planning, Board training, a Board retreat and follow up sessions facilitated by a consultant. The resulting strategic plan will lead to a financial action plan for the organization to ensure that FBPLA’s vital services continue well into the future."

Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board: ($4,250)

"This funding will provide JJAB the ability to implement technology that will have youth/client information in one secure system, thus increase our administrative efficiency, and create consistencies that will allow employees more time to focus on providing services to youth and their family. This is an incredible next step for our programs and organization."

Los Alamos Makers: ($5,000)

"This funding will help us leverage and formalize the vocational activities we have developed over the years by allowing us to offer skills badges that will help document and verify the acquisition of skills, as part of the New Collar Network. This will broaden our reach and help all individuals have access to skills-building opportunities that will help them be self-sufficient, lifelong learners and confident in exploring career opportunities."

Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization: ($1,375)

"LARSO is excited for the opportunity to move several projects along as we come out of this pandemic. Grant funding from LACF will help us do this in many ways."

Los Alamos Visiting Nurse Service, Inc.: ($5,000)

"LAVNS will use this funding to upgrade our technology to ensure the needs of our patients are met in real time. We will continue to collaborate with patient physicians to provide the best possible care."

Pajarito Environmental Education Center: ($5,000)

"PEEC is very excited to dig deeper into the needs of our community and find out how we can serve those who have been left out of our services and programming. Thanks to LACF, we’ll have the funds to do this."

Self Help, Inc.: ($5,000)

"This grant will help to fund our new database, which will allow us to connect more effectively and personally with our wonderful donors, fulfilling our mission to help those in need in Northern New Mexico. Finding funding for long-term sustainability projects like this one can be hard, and we’re lucky to have a foundation that is thinking so strategically for our community."

Donor-Designated and Field-of-Interest Grants

  • $547 to Self Help from remaining emergency response funding
  • $1,200 to The Family YMCA to the Cherry Bombs roller derby team from the Los Alamos Community Endowment for Youth Sports
  • $1,220 to the Los Alamos Arts Council from the Rosalie Heller Annual Memorial Lecture Endowment
  • $5,000 to Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation from the Paul A. and Susan E. Bombardt K-12 Music Education Endowment for Los Alamos Public Schools
  • $2,500 in discretionary funding provided to the following nonprofits during virtual community events: Pajarito Environmental Education Center, Los Alamos Community Winds and The Rotary Club of Los Alamos
  • $547 to Self Help from remaining emergency response funding
  • $923 to United Way of Northern New Mexico from remaining emergency response funding


"Family Strengths Network is thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Jumpstart program sponsored by Los Alamos Community Foundation. Jumpstart has shown us the value of regular communication with donors and makes that process simple. Our coach and website resources helped keep us on track with our fundraising goals. The knowledge we gained using Jumpstart has proved to be invaluable.”

-- Monica Romo, Family Strengths Network administrator

"Our goal is to provide competitive gameplay to all of our skaters at their level which in turn builds confidence. This grant allows our teams to participate in and host bouts for new skaters through advanced skaters." 

-- MaryAlice Hawkins, Head Coach, Roller Derby Program