2020-2021 Nonprofit Training Program

2020-2021 Nonprofit Training Program

During our 2020-2021 session, LACF and United Way of Northern New Mexico are partnering to offer local nonprofits three in-depth training workshops designed to build organizational capacity in the wake of the pandemic.  Each workshop will be held virtually and will be approximately three hours long (including discussion, breakout sessions and breaks).   Nonprofits are encouraged to send 2-3 participants to each workshop, including senior staff and/or board members.  Tickets are $50 per organization per workshop.  A discounted package deal is available which includes access to all three sessions for $100.   Nonprofits will leave each workshop with an immediately usable, measurable action plan.  Included in the ticket price is access to a follow up session which will be held 4-6 weeks after the workshop, designed to keep each organization on track to accomplish its plan.  Workshops will be facilitated by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.

2020-21 Workshops

Purchase a discounted package deal for access to all three workshops here: https://alamos.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list/event?event_date_id=1399

Community Services and Community Engagement
Thursday, October 15, 2020 9:00am – 12:00pm Register here: https://alamos.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list/event?event_date_id=1396
This session will help your organization re-examine how it serves its constituents and communities, both in the time of COVID and in looking ahead to a new normal. Focus areas include: strengthening service delivery; increasing outreach, impact, and engagement with your nonprofit clients; examining your diversity, equity and inclusion practices; managing and developing your volunteers; and measuring and assessing the impact of your services.

Fund Development and Sustainability
Thursday, January 14, 2021 9:00am – 12:00pm Register here: https://alamos.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list/event?event_date_id=1397
This workshop will provide your organization with a pathway to diversifying funding sources and building successful sustainability practices. It will include an overview of various types of funding including grants, fundraising events, donor cultivation, recurring giving programs, and revenue generating initiatives. This session will help your organization examine which fund-development initiatives best fit your goals, and will explore how to undertake these programs during the time of COVID and into the new normal. There will also be discussion on mergers and the value of collaboration for shared services.

Board Development and Strategic Planning
Thursday, April 8, 2021 9:00am – 12:00pm Register here: https://alamos.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list/event?event_date_id=1398
The success of any organization begins with a strong board. And successfully navigating your organization’s mission in a post-pandemic era begins with a strong plan. This workshop will offer key lessons of what constitutes a high-functioning, impactful board, including use of an assessment tool to provide a baseline understanding of where your organization is today. It then dives into strategic planning to help guide your organization to where it wants to go. Additionally, key fundamentals will be addressed such as review of mission and vision, the relationship between board and executive director, and the duty of care.