LACF Executive Director Stepping Down

(LACF News) – Life is full of compromises over where to focus one’s time and energy. The most difficult choices involve career and family. For LACF Executive Director Steve Laurent who will be stepping down from his role this spring, the choice was not a difficult one. “Family,” said Laurent, “it’s as simple as that. This is a time in my life where family will be most important.” 

Noting that his family moved to Los Alamos over 15 years ago, Laurent explained that the thought of retiring came last month at his father’s 90th birthday in Michigan. “Spending that weekend with my extended family, and especially my dad, everything became clear – this is a gift and it’s fleeting,” he said, adding, “It’s not something to take for granted.” 

Laurent will be leaving the position at the end of March. This will come after his wife Anne takes on the role of County Manager at the beginning of March.

“Also, it’s important that I dedicate myself to my wife,” Laurent said. “Anne and I have focused on our separate careers for nearly 30 years, and we’ve been blessed to experience success and countless rewards,” adding that “it’s been great, but we’re a team and it’s time for me to fully support Anne outside of work so she can take on the challenge of her new position with the energy and attention it takes to serve the community.”

For Laurent, a simple personal decision has not been so easy professionally. “What’s hard is leaving LACF, an organization that is hitting its stride and increasing its impact in building a stronger Los Alamos in concert with our nonprofit community,” he stated. “But we have a board of exceptional community leaders, and their guidance will lead to great things under the next executive director.”

When Laurent signs off this spring, he will have been in the position for just under two years. In addition to growing LACF’s permanent endowment to support the community, Laurent is proud of his work establishing a community volunteering web portal at, and the Giving Tuesday fundraising site at “The town is changing, especially with so many new lab hires. These are great resources to help new people get connected, learn about our nonprofits and how to pitch in to help build a better Los Alamos,” Laurent explained. “LACF can help so much in this regard, expanding awareness, fostering a sense of community philanthropy, and leading a unified nonprofit community. Our community is stronger when we’re better connected.”

Laurent says he will especially miss the personal connections with the LACF board, its donors and community nonprofit employees and volunteers. “I have been blessed to experience and share in the care and dedication that so many have for this place which is our home,” he said.

Pat Soran, current LACF President stated “Steve has been a passionate and forceful advocate for LACF. His energy and commitment have been instrumental in increasing the visibility of our foundation, as well as supporting our mission of promoting philanthropy in Los Alamos. Steve’s efforts have taken LACF to its next level of growth. He has been a passionate leader, a generous donor, and a valued colleague. We are really going to miss Steve’s contributions; however, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Laurent makes it clear that while stepping back from work he is not going anywhere. “I’ll continue to promote the mission of LACF, support our nonprofits that do so much for that community, and be a cheerleader and advocate for our town,” he explained. “I’ll just be doing it in a different way.”

LACF is seeking a new Executive Director. If you are interested in the opportunity, please click here.

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