Letter to Our Donors and Friends About the COVID-19 Emergency

To our donors and friends,

LACF is committed to helping our community’s nonprofit organizations now more than ever during these unprecedented times. No matter what their mission, all of our nonprofits will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. And all of these organizations need additional resources.

Some of our nonprofits have had to cancel their largest fundraising events of the year. Some are ramping up their capacity to continue serving on the front lines of our community’s needs. Others are dealing with an overall decline in revenue from many of their regular income sources, including the sales of tickets, goods, and fee for services.

If you can afford to support our nonprofits financially, now is the time to.

Allow us to make two suggestions for your philanthropy:

Give directly to your favorite organization. If there is a nonprofit whose services you use regularly, or whose work you particularly appreciate, make a contribution to them directly, as soon as possible. Send a check in the mail, or give through their website. Make your gift as unrestricted as possible, to allow that organization to put the funds to use how they need it most.
If you want to help but aren’t sure how or where to give, we have you covered. LACF has created two Nonprofit Emergency Response Funds. One fund is focused on supporting nonprofits that are located in or serving Los Alamos County, the other fund is for the greatest need of nonprofits located in Rio Arriba and Los Alamos Counties. For more details, visit our website:


LACF is seeding these emergency response funds with a contribution of $5,000. We are waiving all administrative fees, and covering all credit card fees, so that 100% of your contribution will go directly to the nonprofit community.  Additionally, we are working with other grant-makers and for-profit institutions to secure additional resources for these emergency response funds.  Look for us to announce our funding partners soon.

Let’s pull together like only we know how to do, to support our community in a time of need.

Please consider giving to an organization that you know is in need, and consider making a contribution to one of the Nonprofit Emergency Response Funds.  We will ensure that the funding gets out the door as soon as possible, and into the hands of those who are best equipped to put it to good use.

More from us soon,

The LACF Team