2019 Annual Conference for Nonprofits

Annual Conference for Nonprofits
Clarifying and Enhancing Board of Director Roles
May 10, 2019
Location:  UNM-LA, Building 2, Room 230

The Los Alamos Community Foundation invites you to attend its 2019 Annual Conference for Nonprofits. Our theme this year will be on the topic of Board Development.  This session will be held on Friday, May 10, 2019 at UNM-LA (Lecture hall, room 230, building 2) from 8:30am – 1:00pm, and will include breakfast and lunch. 

RSVP here if you are able to attend. (Bring a board member with you!)



Could your organization use help clarifying and enhancing the role of your Board of Directors? Join us to learn key board responsibilities, expectations, and best practices, with a focus on financial oversight.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the governance and financial management responsibilities of board members.
  • Identify legally required and recommended standard practices for nonprofit Boards of Directors.
  • Create a board development action plan using the New Mexico Nonprofit Principles and Practices Companion Workbook.
  • Review board recruitment and development resources available in New Mexico.

Your Board of Directors is responsible for providing overall leadership and strategic direction for the organization. This workshop will help board members and executive directors get a clear perspective on what that looks like in practice. The workshop will begin with an overview of the governance and financial management responsibilities of board members, including legal requirements and recommended standard practices. The second half of the workshop will have nonprofits creating an action plan to identify, prioritize, and achieve your board development goals.  Using the New Mexico Nonprofit Principles & Practices Guide as a learning tool, workshop participants will think through specific topics such as board member giving requirements, board orientation, board chair responsibilities and policy and accountability. 

The Los Alamos Community Foundation will provide attendees with their own copy of the New Mexico Nonprofit Principles & Practices Guide and companion workbook ($50 value)One per organization.

Networking Lunch Session

Stay for lunch to network with our event facilitators (Larry Alei and Kira Luna with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence) and representatives from two fantastic New Mexico-based organizations (Building Beloved Communities and The Grants Collective) that might be able to help you with your work! 

Bonnie Chavez, President, Building Beloved Communities.  Building Beloved Communities provides fee-for-service solutions and resources for non-profits.  Organizations of any size can hire BBC to manage any project, no matter how big or small. A cost-effective way to take something off your plate and get more done in the day! 

Robert Nelson, Program Manager, The Grants Collective. The Grants Collective builds grant seeking capacity of New Mexico nonprofit organizations so that they are better resourced to achieve their charitable and social missions. 

The 2019 Annual Conference for Nonprofits is made possible with generous support from: